Don't miss the METALQUIMIA news at IFFA Frankfurt, 8 - 13 May, 2010 HALL 9.0 STANDS B80 & C80



METALQUIMIA: CREATIVATION FOR THE MEAT INDUSTRY METALQUIMIA will introduce at IFFA 2010 the creativation management in meat processing technology which will represent a step forward in the meat sector’s evolution. The meat professionals who will visit METALQUIMIA’s impressive booths at IFFA will be able to see the future of the global meat sector: new processing technologies, fully automated best profitability autoprocessing lines, with total traceability and operation control, maximum hygiene, safe and designed for high productivity and total cost reduction, thereby improving competivity of the worldwide meat industry.
The creativations presented will not be limited to the meat processing lines. METALQUIMIA’s technological team will also attend IFFA in order to show (real & virtual) a wide variety of first class cooked, cured and marinated meat products, complemented with new RFID technologies and systems, which constitute a true representation of the latest trends and non-stop evolution currently taking place on the global meat scenario.

THE STARS ARE RE-BORN: SPRAY INJECTION REINVENTED METALQUIMIA is introducing at IFFA the new MOVISTICK PLUS series …the re-born stars, incorporating a Reinvented & Patented Spray Injection System, as well as other breakthrough operating features, achieving spectacular brine distribution and even colour, the most versatile range of injection percentages, the least dripping loss, the highest productivity rates in the market and the highest final yields at maximum injection accuracy.

24 H MARINATING: ADDING EXTRA VALUE TO FRESH MEATS METALQUIMIA will display at IFFA the redesigned AUVIPLUS Marinating Lines, with a full bench of operating and hygienic new design features equipped with the new 24 h automatic brine/marinade filtering system which provides full-day non-stop marinating for the best cost-efficient productivity, injection precision and consistent fresh marinated product quality.

3–OPTION: 3 NEW WAYS OF IMPROVING BINDING AND SLICING YIELD The brand new 3–OPTION meat tenderizers that METALQUIMIA is introducing at IFFA 2010, provide maximum increase of the protein extraction surface, with a reduction in cooking loss, improving final yield, minimizing defects of intermuscular binding, and preventing the appearance of holes in the sliced product.

PRECISION AND COMPACTING IN WHOLE-MUSCLE STUFFING TWINVAC PLUS, together with PRECISION and COMPACTA engineering, provide maximum weight precision, top quality whole-muscle stuffing lines obtaining highly compacted slicing logs with fewer rejects in slicing lines, fewer internal holes, better muscle cohesion, more productivity and more automation. TWINVAC PRECISION & COMPACTA technology will be present at Metalquimia’s booth at IFFA 2010 showing the most advanced and reliable whole-muscle stuffing lines in the world.

AUTOLINES: TWINLINE & COOKLINE Metalquimia presents the impressive automatic ham processing & cooking plants TWINLINE & COOKLINE, which integrate injection, tenderization, massaging, maturation, stuffing, clipping, cooking and cooling, in an entirely automatic and continuous flow line. AUTOLINES presented by Metalquimia are the most modern, productive, versatile, compact, energy-efficient, safe, clean and profitable systems in the world meat market, for processing cooked meat products with completely proven vanguard technology.

QDS PROCESS®: BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ACCELERATED DRYING OF MEAT PRODUCTS A specific thematic area in Metalquimia’s booth at IFFA is reserved for the QDS PROCESS®, jointly developed with the Spanish meat processing firm Casademont and IRTA Meat Institute of Technology. QDS is an accelerated curing-drying process for sliced meat products which is applied directly after the fermentation step to the sliced product, and prior to the final long and time-consuming drying phase. This process results in a drastic reduction of total processing time, simplifying the production process, improved energy efficiency and obtaining significant cost reduction at financial and operational levels.

RFID SYSTEMS: TURN-KEY RFID SOLUTIONS FOR THE MEAT INDUSTRY Metalquimia presents at IFFA 2010 the new organization IDFOOD AUTOMATION, a company that is fruit of a strategic partnership between METALQUIMIA and ICNITA to provide answers to the increasing demand for solutions in the global meat sector based on RFID electronic identification. IDFOOD represents a new agile and dynamic business platform that introduces innovative applications in the meat sector aimed at increasing product safety, providing efficiency in increased productivity, processing control and traceability, better rotation of assets, and reducing energy and operating costs.
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