Josep Lagares appointed as VicePresident of the PGF



Last Friday, December 11, 2009, the first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Prince of Girona Foundation was held at the Scientific and Technological Park of Girona, with the participation of His Royal Highness Prince Philip and nearly all the Patrons of the Foundation; a foundation whose main constituent objective is to contribute value to society by providing support and incentive for young people in four very specific areas: social enterprise, science and technology, culture and sports, and initiative in the business world. The Foundation has started off by looking toward the future with the approval of its first 7 projects, some of the most outstanding being plans to hold a major Fundación Príncipe de Girona Forum in the city of Girona during the year 2010, the creation of a white book about the enterprising capacity in Spain, a program of collaboration with the GERD Association to provide wheelchairs and orthopedic material in Latin America through the creation of a company-workshop; and the promotion of a research project with the University of Girona and with the Guttmann Institute to inquire into a telemedical platform for the cognitive and sensory rehabilitation of people with intellectual handicaps, among many other projects that all aim at favoring and facilitating conditions for improving the values and capabilities of our youth as a guarantee for our future. In the same meeting appointments were also made for the posts of Vice-Chairmen of the Foundation to be incorporated in the Governmental Bodies: Gonzalo Rodés, Jaime Carvajal and Josep Lagares, the General Manager of METALQUIMIA