METALQUIMIA: high quality and vanguard technology at IFFA 2004



The hundreds of professionals who will visit the impressive METALQUIMIA stands at IFFA will be able to see, at firsthand, the future of the global meat sector: machinery and continuous flow production lines that are highly automated, easy to operate, with total traceability, with guaranteed processing and operational control, noiseless, safe and designed to reduce production costs, thereby improvingcompetitivity of the world meat industry. At IFFA, the prestigious Spanish family company, as has been its usual practice, will display its new generation of equipment and its latest advances in meat technology research: BRINMIX and BRINCHILL (the new brine and marinade preparation and chilling systems); AUVISTICK marinating lines (marinating systems for high Added-Value fresh meats); the MOVISTICK series (the new autopiloted hydraulic spray injectors); TWIN FILOGRIND (the twin tenderizer for maximum protein extraction); BLADEHAMMER (combining tenderizing and pre-massaging processes in a single unit); the new line of THERMOMAT massaging reactors and THERMOCOMPUTER 3000-X (the new computerized massaging reactor model for high-scale production); TWINVAC HP stuffers (the new HIGH POWER whole muscle stuffers) and, as brand-new novelties, the TWINLINE (Super High-Production Plant for Automatic Cooked Meat Processing) and COOKLINE (the new automatic system for cooking and chilling meat products) . However, the novelties to be presented in Frankfurt will not be limited to processing lines. METALQUIMIA's team of technologists will also be at the IFFA show, in order to display a wide range of top-class cooked and marinated meat products, which will constitute a true representation of the current trends and evolution taking place in today's global market. METALQUIMIA's technologists will also show the most advanced research in this field, constituting an authentic and complete example of new meat product types and their future evolution . Visit us at our Stands at IFFA 2004 : Hall: 9.0 Stands: B 80 & C80