Movistick 3000 Plus


Spray injection reinvented!!

METALQUIMIA has introduced at IFFA the new MOVISTICK PLUS series …the re-born stars, incorporating a Reinvented & Patented Spray Injection System, achieving spectacular brine distribution and even colour, the most versatile range of injection percentages, the least dripping loss, the highest productivity rates in the market and the highest final yields at maximum injection accuracy.

The new MOVISTICK PLUS injectors incorporate breakthrough operating features as:

Increased operating cycles = Increased production output

One-Button Single or Double Head operation switch

Spray Injection Pressure regulation for optimum product performance

Optimal Injection Head separation for maximum injection effectiveness/efficiency

Adjustable Built-In Tenderization Head for top protein extraction efficiency

Very easy injection needles change for inspection, cleaning and sanitation

Improved Tenderization Head change for inspection, cleaning and sanitation
Auto-piloted Hydraulic operation

Environmentally Friend design

State-of-the art Hygienic and Sanitation design