Mr. Jordi Serrat promoted to METALQUIMIA’s new General Sales Manager



Starting June 1, 2000, Mr. Jordi Serrat, METALQUIMIA’s former Latin America Sales Manager has been promoted to METALQUIMIA’s General Sales Manager in substitution of Mr. Manel Molina de Haro who will retire from his duties November 2007. Mr. Serrat has been working for METALQUIMIA since 2000 supporting and servicing Latin America customers. Mr. Serrat has a wide experience and knowledge of METALQUIMIA’s full line of Machinery and Integral Services for worldwide Meat Industry, as well a great expertise in Food Engineering Services, Meat Operations Business Planning, Agro Industry Market Research, Marketing Tools and Sales Force Management. Mr. Manel Molina de Haro, METALQUIMIA’s General Sales Manager since 1989, will get his deserved retirement starting November 2007. Mr. Molina started working as a METALQUIMIA Sales Manager in 1975, to be promoted as a General Sales Manager in October 1989. During all these years of untiring service and indefatigable work, Mr. Manel Molina has been a fundamental part of METALQUIMIA’s Sales Strategy and Sustainable Growth as well as a dedicated friend for all his customers and collaborators. In spite of his retirement, Mr. Molina will keep collaborating with METALQUIMIA’s staff for specific and punctual issues.