New Injectors Accessory



METALQUIMIA has just launched a brand new accessory for its spray injector's optimum performance: THE NEEDLECLEAN.

The NEEDLECLEAN is equipped with a tank able to contain a food grade detergent / disinfectant to perform a cycle to simultaneously clean and sanitize all the needles of METALQUIMIA injectors. All the accessory elements are set up in a compact, safe and closed chassis on wheels to easily displace the equipment.

On a first stage, the detergent / disinfectant circulates to initiate the cleaning / sanitation process, performing an automatic cycle which combines pressure and standing times, followed by a rinsing phase. At the last cleaning / sanitizing cycle, compressed air is recirculated to eliminate water and to obtain entirely clean needles, ready to be used and with total guarantee of effectiveness and efficiency during the meat injection process.