New Technological Book



Since the early 90’s, METALQUIMIA has been releasing the METALQUIMIA MAGAZINE. During all these years, the MQ magazine has undergone a spectacular evolution toward excellence becoming an authentic “Technological Treatise” of the different processing and manufacturing technologies that METALQUIMIA can offer to improve worldwide meat processors competitivity.

Today, 20 years later, METALQUIMIA is introducing for the very first time the TECHNOLOGICAL ARTICLES BOOK, a Hard Cover printed job compiling the state-of-the-art processes for manufacturing marinated, cooked and/or QDS dry-cured meat products; a full compendium of the latest advancements and developments carried out by METALQUIMIA’s Technology Department and allied partners, that without any doubt will improve the technical education and the up-to-date knowledge of worldwide meat technologists.

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Available in English and Spanish.