3 Heads for an Exponential Injection


METALQUIMIA presents for the very first time in its history, the MOVISTICK TRIPLEX…. the self-piloted hydraulic injector that incorporates up to 3 injection heads. This is, without any doubt, the injector for meat products (bone-in or boneless) with the highest injection potential in the global meat sector that, equipped with a triple hydraulic piston pump, provides the highest injection and productivity rates on the market and unequalled final yields with maximum precision, obtaining spectacular brine distribution and color uniformity, thus providing an answer to the demanding exponential challenges to be 3 Heads for an Exponential Injection faced by the meat industry of the future, even surpassing the “mythic 170% injection” in a single pass, thereby eliminating the need to grind the meat to absorb such large quantities of brine.