SCCC, a very important step


The Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia, an innovative musical project promoted by Metalquimia, has recorded its new musical work this week in the Girona Auditorium, with a clear international vocation.


The Symphony Orchestra, result of the fusion of La Principal de la Bisbal and the Youth Orchestra of Girona - a project of the Orchestra of Cadaqués - features the collaboration of the singers Nina and Cris Juanico and the saxophonist Pep Poblet.

The Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia (SCCC) was formed in 2008 with the objective of creating a Catalan Symphony Orchestra on a large scale, the result of a fusion of the instruments of a cobla orchestra, headed by La Principal de la Bisbal, and the string and percussion instruments of a conventional symphony orchestra, featuring unprecedented harmonization created specifically for this new group.

In its initial phase, the SCCC focused on Catalan music in all its fullness, from the sardana to the habanera, from zarzuela to Catalan rock, from traditional songs to the Nova Cançó, while also giving birth to new compositions conceived exclusively for the new orchestra. As fruit of all this, the SCCC recorded three albums (“Sardanas for the World”, “Unforgettable in Concert” and“Catalonia in my heart”) and was the successful protagonist of the New Year’s Concert on TV3 in the years 2010 and 2011, with considerable critical and public acclaim.

After some months of reflection in order to adapt the orchestra to the current Catalan cultural scene, this year 2012 the SCCC returns reinvented with renewed and rejuvenated enthusiasm, uniting the cobla instrumentalists from La Principal de la Bisbal with the Youth Orchestra of Girona JOCG. The JOCG is an initiative of the Orchestra of Cadaqués whose goal is to contribute to the training of talented young musicians from the Girona region and act as a bridge toward their integration into the world of professional orchestras.

Jaume Lleixà, technical director of the SCCC, has explained that “with this project, fruit of public-private collaboration, the young musicians of the JOCG will be able to participate in the concerts of the Girona Auditorium’s regular programming, interpreting unprecedented repertoires that project our culture to the world and, at the same time, it gives them an opportunity to work closely under the indisputable tutelage of professional musicians and artists who provide their consolidated experience and solvency”.

In this new phase that begins now, the SCCC takes a firm step toward internationalization and cultural consolidation of the project by offering a repertoire of global melodies, integrated by unforgettable soundtracks from the history of cinema. In addition, the format of the orchestra has increased considerably to include more than 70 musicians, under the artistic direction of Francesc Cassú, conductor of the Cobla orchestra La Principal de la Bisbal, and the technical direction of Jaume Lleixà, head of artistic coordination for the Orchestra of Cadaqués.