SCCC has recorded its new work


The name of the new album is "Legends of musical"


The Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia, an innovative musical project sponsored by Metalquimia, has recorded its new work that reviews the legends of musical theater. On the new disc, to be presented in November at the Girona Auditorium, the Symphony Orchestra maintains the clear international vocation of its works and includes the collaboration of the singers Beth and Cris Juanico.

After having presented last year’s album 'Movie legends', composed of memorable soundtracks from film history, the SCCC has recorded at the Girona Auditorium its new work 'Legends of musical ' in which, with the collaboration of the singers Beth and Cris Juanico, the resounding successes of Broadway musicals are performed. The disc includes a variety of themes, from the best known works of Cole Porter to Los Miserables, Cabaret, The Phantom of the Opera and Grease, not to mention a touch from the Catalan composer of musicals par excellence Albert Guinovart, with a collection of songs from the musical Flor de Nit.

With this new disc, the SCCC consolidates its international outlook and reaffirms itself in a unique musical project of great beauty, placing itself at the forefront of new cultural proposals. The 70 musicians who comprise the SCCC are under the artistic direction of Francesc Cassú, conductor of the Cobla Orchestra La Principal de la Bisbal, and the technical direction of Jaume Lleixà, artistic coordinator of the Orchestra of Cadaqués.