SCCC’s Opening Concert



The SCCC Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya (The Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia) promoted and sponsored by METALQUIMIA, has introduced herself in society in an Opening Concert in the Auditorium of Girona on Friday 21 November 2008. In the same concert it has seen the light "for the world" the new CD "Sardanes per al món" a disk that will serve as their credential to show the great possibilities and the new sound which, from now on, will mark a milestone in the world of the catalan music. Two recognized Catalan musicians have attended the concert, Albert Guinovart and Salvador Brotons, which have composed two new sardanas. Hence, the Sirenes and Companyonia universal, pieces that fit into the repertory of LA SIMFÒNICA DE COBLA I CORDA DE CATALUNYA and which add a new dimension to the world of sardanas. The repertory, dedicated in this initial stage to the national Catalan dance, was orchestrated by a whole host of expert musicians.The concert has been presented by the journalist and writer Martí Gironell.
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