The Guarantee for Market Success: METALQUIMIA Thermoreactors



METALQUIMIA presents its latest developments in meat tumbling/massaging technology, the automatic thermoreactors THERMOMAT. The THERMOMAT tumbling/massaging thermoreactors have been designed to process any kind of meat, by supplying infinite processing combinations with the highest processing versatility in the world meat market. The THERMOMAT tumbling/massaging system allows processors to work with maximum efficiency obtaining, consequently, the highest productivity in the market with a minimum of space required in the production lines. Its innovative system incorporates automatic programs adaptable to any type of meat product, which, together with the union of tumbling/massaging actions in a single machine and the very fast brine absorption during the process results in maximum safety and consistency in the process, with exceptional colour uniformity and organoleptic quality in the finished product. The THERMOMAT tumbling/massaging machines incorporate the same characteristics common to all equipment manufactured by METALQUIMIA, such as maximum easiness of assembly and disassembly, hygiene and sanitation (with inner walls mirror polished), top quality, simplicity, high mechanical reliability, trouble-free system and high durability of all components with minimum maintenance required. The THERMOMAT tumbling/massaging system from METALQUIMIA has become the indispensable vanguard tool in all modern meat processing plants and it represents the best market option for the best technological results.